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Dr Madelaine Gomes MsC.D (USA)


Executive Business Coach, Transformational HR Specialist, Leadership Developer, Business Development Specialist, Employee Developer, Spiritual Teacher, Mindset Coach and Business advisory to visionary Executives, CEO's, Directors and Clients and for 22 years.

I  have a natural curiosity for "want to know more" and started my studies into Mind Power, Energy Healing and Metaphysical Science at a very young age.  I am passionate about studying the human mind and the results of our thinking in reality.  I have realised through my studies that we are all the product of Society imprints and it is up to ourselves to change our mindsets to create successful outcomes for ourselves.

I have been brought up in an mentally and emotionally abusive environment that programmed my Mind with issues that affected my Self-worth, Confidence levels and Relationships.  When I started to study Metaphysical Science I came to realise how our environment, the people that we interact with and our Intentions create our reality. 

It is a burning passion and desire in me to assist as many people as I can to break free from the prison of their Minds so that they can experience life fully in their own Power and Purpose.  

Climb into the driving seat of your own Life and steer your Life where you want it to go. 

Don't wait until a crises hits you, do it NOW!



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